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PVC resin and Expory resin suplier—- YANGGUANG RESIN CHEMICAL CO.,LTD is located in Nanjing city,Jiangsu province. We are specializing in the supplying PVC Resin (SG-3/SG5/SG8),Expory resin(Bisphenol-A Epoxy Resin/Flame-retarted Brominated Epoxy Resin/Heat Resistant Novolac Epoxy Resin/Epoxy reactive diluent),Alkyd resin and so on.

At present, in order to adapt to the requirements of new products, new markets and new technology, the company becomes a professional supplier of PVC resin/ Expory resin. Product varieties, quality and quantity are ahead of the same industry in China.

With the spirit of “Quality First, Reputation First” principle, we provide high quality resin products to customers. Our resins can be applied in the field of Anti-corrosive coating,electrophoretic coating,baking Coating,electric applicance casting,laminating materials,adhesives,metal priming and so on.


PVC Resin is white powder form thermoplastic resin and has great …

PVC is a vinyl polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, its bright color …

The application of vinyl resin at present most occasions is corrosion occasion, but 

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