Properties of vinyl resin

The application of vinyl resin at present most occasions is corrosion occasion, but because has more secondary hydroxyl vinyl resin, which can improve the wettability of the glass fiber and caking property and improve the mechanical strength of laminated products; And then you’re cross-linking at both ends of the molecule. Therefore, vinyl resin in some applied in requirements Gao Lixue performance, impact resistance, but regular vinyl resin in endurance study impact or needs to be improved, especially with fumaric acid modified some of the vinyl resin, because this type of resin curing high crosslinking density, junction between the molecular chain segments is shorter, so the poor impact resistance performance. In the synthesis of the resin design, require resin ether button on the main chain of the molecule is more, it can fully improve the shock resistance of the resin, in 2013, appearing in a different way, it namely in modified by rubber and namely the end carboxyl nitrile rubber (CTBN) and nitrile rubber (BNR) toughening methyl acrylic epoxy vinyl resin,which made of natural rubber modified vinyl resin such as elongation are improved greatly.

In general the impact strength of vinyl resin (no gap) is not greater than 14.00 KJ/M2, and the impact resistance of some new development in the 21st century, the rubber modified vinyl resin can reach more than 22 KJ/M2, rubber modified vinyl resin can be up to 25 KJ/M2, so the impact resistant vinyl resin can the very good application in some high impact resistance of FRP production, such as sport sleigh, sport helmet, etc.

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