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Special PVC Resin


Special PVC Resin:

Appearance:white Powder

Multiple Specifications

NameViscosity/(mL/g)Apparent density/(g/mL) ≥Volatile matter (including water) mass fraction / % ≤Absorption of 100g resin plasticizer /g≤Residual vinyl chloride monomer content/(μg/g) ≤Whiteness (160℃, 10min) / %≥Tetrahydrofuran insoluble component content /%≥Chlorine content / %residuum
Quality score / %
250μm sieve ≤63μm sieve ≤
JLTS-157-610.50.5101010 – –0.295
JLTS-2185-2050.420.5261026 – –0.295
JLTS-3110-1250.40.523102310 –0.295
JLTS-4110-1250.40.519101910 –0.295
JLTS-5 –0.450.5 –10 – –50~55.20.295

Packing & Storage

PackingIn 25KG Bag.
StorageIt should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse to protect them from the sun and moisture.
ShippingNo dangerous goods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Special Polyvinyl Chloride Resin used for?

The JLTS-1 type is mainly used for:
1. Used for ABS blending modification, it can improve the flame retardancy and coloration of ABS alloy products and improve their mechanical properties.
2. For high fluidity PVC/ABS alloy, or directly for injection molding after toughening modification with MBS/AIM toughener.
3. For high transparent PVC products, after the use of transparent toughening additives, its light transmission in each band can be completely compared with AS(styryl-acrylonitrile copolymer), PMMA, PC and other high transparent materials.
4. Used for PVC film blowing.
5. Partial replacement of general PVC resin processing DOP and other plasticizer additives, with no plasticizer migration, non-toxicity, can improve the product thermal deformation temperature and other advantages.

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