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PVC Paste Resin


PVC Paste Resin

Multiple Specifications

NameOrderpolymerization degree

Packing & Storage

PackingPacking with kraft paper bags lined with plastic film bags, polypropylene woven bags or kraft paper and polypropylene woven composite bags
StorageNet weight per bag (25.0±0.2) kg
Shippingno dangerous goods

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PVC Paste Resin?

PVC paste resin based on micro suspension method by the process production of vinyl chloride homopolymer, after processing with mixed plasticizer and other processing AIDS, forms a dispersion paste in shape.

What is PVC Paste Resin used for?

PVC paste resin is mainly used for processing and coating artificial leather,wallpaper, color steel plate, foam floor, gloves, lining plastic toys or rotating casting, portrait, artificial fruit samples, plastic flowers, etc. Also applicat to compound coating, adhesive, printing ink and sealing material. PVC paste resin has the characteristics of cheap processing equipment, simple and cheap mold, easy foaming, can be made into special shape, less heat processing times, and can be produced in a small amount and multiple varieties,so it is very widely used.

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