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Matt PVC Resin


Matt PVC Resin:

Appearance:white powder

Packing & Storage

PackingIn 25KG Bag.
StorageIt should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse to protect them from the sun and moisture
Shippingno dangerous goods

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matt Polyvinyl Chloride Resin?

The matted polyvinyl chloride resin is a high polymer with chemical crosslinking agent added in the polymerization process of vinyl chloride. Compared with ordinary polyvinyl chloride resin, it contains some gel components, and the resin has regular particle size and good plasticizing performance. Matting PVC resin has unique advantages in the application of PVC products, not only easy to use, but also has no adverse effect on the mechanical properties of the product, and can be used alone or mixed with PVC resin to make matting products.

What is Matt Polyvinyl Chloride Resin used for?

In recent years, in the fields of packaging, building materials, vehicles, furniture, clothing and so on, especially the calendered sheet products have put forward the requirements of low surface gloss, making the demand for matted PVC resin increasingly widespread.
Sheet : Used for tape and construction.
Leather : clothing and accessories, furniture, transportation, stationery, etc.
Auto parts : window seals, dust covers for shock absorbers, electrical parts, brake and clutch pedals, molded body parts, steering wheels, top covers, seat backs, etc.
Washers : seals used in refrigerators or doors and Windows.
Footwear : sandals, boots, galoshes and soles.
Pipe : hose, industrial supplies, gardening supplies, etc.
Wires and cables : high performance wires under harsh conditions, elevators, welding machines, sewage pumps, protective and insulating wires for shielded control cables, various flexible wires in stage lighting and sound equipment.
Film : high strength dull artificial leather, composite film and other products, such as rubber poncho inner layer, smoke film, etc.

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