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Appearance:Clear yellow-green Liquid

Packing & Storage

PackingCylinders of 0.5 tons or one ton.
StorageStore in cool, dry and ventilated place, fire, sun and heat proof.
ShippingClass 2.3 dangerous goods,UN1017.

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chlorine?

Liquid chlorine is a yellow-green transparent liquid,it is highly irritating and corrosive. The property is very active, can dissolve in water, solubility decreases with the increase of water temperature; Although it does not spontaneously ignite, it can support combustion, burn and explode when mixed with other flammable gases in daylight, and can react with most elements or compounds. It is highly oxidizing.

How is Chlorine stored and distributed?

Cylinders containing chlorine should be strictly sealed to prevent air leakage. Liquid chlorine storage should be refrigerated at low temperature and ventilated on the floor.

What is Chlorine used for?

The industrial liquid chlorine produced by our company is widely used in papermaking, textile, pesticide, organic synthesis, metal smelting and other fields, and can also be used for domestic water disinfection.

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