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Vinyl Resin LC

Vinyl Chloride Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Resin

 Vinyl Resin LC

Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetates Copolymer
Vinyl Resin LC is a high molecular weight copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate. It is supplied as a powder.
vinyl resin LC is mainly applied in binding magnetic card substrates such as telephone card and credit card

LC type Solution vinyl resin provide adhesion to rigid and flexible PVC substrates. It has excellent tensile strength in strippable coatings.
Typical applications:
Strippable coatings;Over lacquers and coatings for civil engineering;Clear and pigmented inks;Topcoats for synthetic leather

Main Application
1. Binding agent: UM vinyl resin can be used as adhesives, especially in shoe industry.( for leather-leather binding). Suitable to be applied as coloring chips. UM type resin can also be used as adhesives for binding PVC, wood, sand stone bricks, glass, leather, fiber plate and paper.
UM type resin can be applied to make vanish for paper and shaped PVC products with waterproof, abrasion resistance, chemicals and oil, grease resistance properties. It is ideal material in packing industry, which requires durable, odorless, and meeting Food Hygiene requirement.
3. Strippable coatings: UM type resin has poor adhesion to metal, so, it can be used as strippable coatings to protect the metal surface, the stripping property can be adjusted by adding mineral oil or silicon oil.
4. Coatings for cement and brick construction and road mark paint.
For this application, UM type resin can be used solely, its can also be used together with vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate - maleic acid copolymer resin. The paint has long storing life, easy use, quick drying and forming film, good wearing resistance, especially, resistant to oil, grease, gasoline, salt and water, which assures its long working life, even for newly built asphalt or cement road.
5. Printing and Spray Ink
Mainly used in color printing inks and coatings for PVC products.