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Do you know UM Vinyl Resin?

It is well-known that UM type resin has good light resistanceand heat stability, but when it is used in outdoor at high temperature,organotin without sulfur composition and epoxy compounds stabilizer need to beused.
Everybody knows that UM vinyl resin can be applied to make vanish for paper and shaped PVC products with waterproof, abrasion resistance, chemicals and oil, grease resistance properties. It can resist to hydrocarbon and alcohols like petroleum solvent.
In addition, UM Vinyl Resin also can be used as adhesives, especially in shoe industry.( for leather-leather binding). Suitable to be applied as coloring chips.
PVC vinyl resin suplier--Xingyi jia tai chemical co., LTD. The predecessor of the company is xinyi electrochemical factory, which was founded in 1970. And it latterly developed into the national large-scale chlor-alkali joint-stock enterprises. We are specializing in the production of PVC Resin SG-3, Formosa PVC, Vinyl Resin LC, Vinyl Resin LCM..
At present, in order to adapt to the requirements of new products, new markets and new technology, the company becomes a professional manufacturer of PVC RESIN. Product varieties, quality and quantity are ahead of the same industry in China.