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The Advantages of Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Board

Excellent weathering-the life is not less than five years. It has been proven that, in all weather conditions, Russia, China mainland, southeast coast, Southeast Asia, have shown good application.
Outstanding water resistance-free waterproof layer. Polyvinyl Chloride PVC can be used at 15 degrees to 90 degreed slope roof buildings are dispensed waterproof layer. Tile material properties , structure, patent accessories and installation of scientific and reasonable to make the roof waterproofing system as a whole.
Wind, earthquake safe building facade decoration --90 degrees. Whether Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Board is used in the villa or the top, or the mainland coast , can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes invasion , roof system is safe and reliable colorful, personalized novel, long-lasting and stable selection twenty-five kinds of color is your personality Tech building.Tile surface is smooth, with a strong acid and alkali resistance, and therefore not in any environment mildew, corrosion, rain, as new.
Good fire performance of roofing materials in line with national fire safety requirements, to achieve flame -class standards, effectively delay the spread of fire.
Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Board has the good properties of insulation, thermal insulation, is the highest insulation performance roof tile. 2.2mm thick fluoroplastic tile where the United States of thermal conductivity is only 0.06kcal / mh ℃, is six times the performance 15mm cement tile insulation.
Good sound insulation core of a porous material so that the acoustic energy due to friction in the porous wall and the recession , resulting in sound-absorbing effect, so the roof of residents from noise intrusion.
Outstanding toughness and strength. Unique three-layer composite structure , biaxially oriented treatment process and selection of raw materials, to make it more outstanding toughness and strength than similar products.
Construction is simple - paving the fastest, lowest cost of construction. It can easily handle the facade and circular windows and other special shapes. Large space, light weight, handling and lightweight; direct nailing, sawing, drilling, planing.
Economical - It can save more than about 20 yuan per square meter.