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The History of Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl Chloride PVC early as 1835 on the discovery of America V. Le Niao, generate a white solid when sunlight chloride, namely Polyvinyl Chloride PVC. PVC was discovered twice in the 19th century, once was Henri Victor Regnault in 1835, and the other was Eugen Baumann and discevered it in 1872. And in these two opportunities, such are present in the polymer is placed in the sun too Vinyl Chlorid Resin beaker to a white solid. Early in 20th century, the Russian chemist Ivan Ostromislensky and Germany chemist Fritz Klatte in the company Griesheim Elektron while trying to use PVC for commercial purposes, but the difficulty is how to process such a hard, sometimes brittle polymer.
In 1912, the German Fritz Klatte synthesis of PVC , and applied for a patent in Germany, but before the patent expired not been able to develop the right products.
In 1926, the American BF Goodrich Company's Waldo Semon synthesis of PVC and patented in the United States.
Waldo Semon and the BF Goodrich Company developed the use of various additives added to plasticized PVC method in 1926 , making it easier to process the material more pliable and will soon be in widespread commercial use.
1914 found that organic peroxides may accelerate the polymerization of Vinyl Chloride, in 1931 the company adopted the German Act to achieve the industrial production of Polyvinyl Chloride emulsion polymerization.
In 1933 WL Simon proposed using high boiling solvent and tricresyl phosphate heated and mixed with PVC, can be processed into a soft PVC products , this makes practical use of PVC has been a real breakthrough.
British ICI Chemical Industry Company, Union Carbide and Goodrich Chemical Company has developed almost simultaneously by suspension polymerization of Vinyl Chloride and PVC processing applications in 1936.
In 1983, total world consumption of about 11.1Mt, the total production capacity of approximately 17.6Mt; polyethylene production is second only to the second largest plastic varieties, accounting for 15% of the total output of plastic.
PVC production plant in China 's self-designed trial production in 1956, Liaoning Jinxi Chemical Plant , 1958 3kt device officially industrial production , 1984 annual 530.9kt.