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The applications of PVC Resin products

PVC Non-Profile:
Profiles and non-profiles is the largest PVC consumption field in China, accounted for about 25% of PVC consumption. It is manily for the production of doors and windows and energy-saving materials. At present, the applying of it nationwide is still increased by a large margin. In the developed coumtries, PVC non-profile is also high over the top of the market share of plastic doors and windows, as Germany is about 50%, France is of 56%, and the United States is of 45%.
PVC Pipe:
Among the manu PVC products, PVC pipe is the second largest consumer, accounting for 20 per cent of its consumption. And in China, the PVC pipe is developed ealier than PE tube and PP tubes, it has different kinds of varieties, good properties, has been widely used, occupies an important position in the market.
PVC Membrane:
PVC membrane is the third consumer of PVC consumption, accounted for about 10%. After the mixture of PVC and additives, plastic, use three or four roll rolling mill into the required thickness of transparent or colored film, used this method of processing film, calendered film. And also crop, thermal processing and packaging bags, raincoats, tablecloths, curtains, toys and so on. Wide transparent PVC membrane can be used for greenhouses and plastic greenhouses and film.
PVC Rigid Sheet and Plate:
Add stabilizers, lubricants and packings into PVC, after mixing, hard tube extruder for extrusion of various calibres, special pipes, corrugated pipes, casing used as sewage pipes, water pipes, wires of banister. Rolling good slices overlap hot-pressed, can be made of various thickness of rigid plates. Plates can be cut into the desired shape, then using PVC welding rods with hot air welded into a variety of chemical-resistant tanks, duct and vessels.
General Soft PVC Products:
Extruder can be squeezed into the hose, cable, wire, and other used injection molding machine mold, can be made into plastic sandals, shoes, slippers, toys, auto parts and so on.
PVC Packaging Materials:
PVC products are mainly used for packaging a variety of containers, films and rigid sheets. PVC containers mainly produce mineral water, beverages, cosmetics bottles, but also for refined oil packaging. PVC polymer films may be used together with other co-extrusion laminate of low production cost, and has good barrier properties for transparent products. PVC film can also be used to stretch or shrink packaging for packing mattresses, clothes, toys and industrial commodities.
PVC Wall Panels and Flooring:
PVC wall panels are mainly used to replace aluminum siding. PVC floor tiles in addition to part of the Polyvinyl Chloride Resin, and the remaining components are recycled materials, adhesives, fillers and other components, mainly used in the airport terminal ground and hard ground other places.
PVC Consumer Goods:
Bags are made of PVC processing of traditional products, PVC is used to make all kinds of imitation leather for bags, sports products, such as basketball, football and rugby. It can also be used to make clothes and protective equipment belt. PVC fabric clothing fabric is generally adsorption (no coating ), such as a poncho, baby pants, leather jackets and a variety of boots. PVC is used in many sports and entertainment products, such as toys, music and sports goods, the current growth rate of large PVC toys, PVC toys and sporting goods due to the low production cost, easy molding advantage.