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WACKER Launches New Products -- High Performance Adhesive and Sealant

The 14th China International adhesives and sealants exhibition (CHINA ADHESIVE) is to be held in Guangzhou on September 28, adhesive and sealant pioneer -- WACKER will publish their new series.
In view of the growing trend towards the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as little ground layers on adhesive, and the limit usage in production process of alkyl ethoxylation of phenol (APEO). "The adhesive and sealant", WACKER has introduced VINNAPAS ® EAF 68, it is not using the APEO, made of acrylate monomer synthesis water-borne emulsion of vinyl acetate, ethylene and acrylate. It with high cohesion, good heat resistance, as well as in various types of floor layers back excellent wet performance. Can also improve the stability of shape of bonded elastic surface layer, more superior price/performance than alternatives such as acrylic. According to WACKER introduction, VINNAPAS ® EAF 68 emulsion is ideal bonding materials for carpet, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and carpet and other difficult bonded surface layers.
At the same time, to meet the growing market demand for the high performance sealants and adhesives. WACKER also introduced the GENIOSIL ® n sealants and adhesives, using a pioneering hybrid technology based on silane capped polyether. Compared with other hybrid products, GENIOSIL series have better performance, faster curing, and not easily sticky after curing surface, also more durable. They GENIOSIL technology provide a unique way to cure quickly and simple to use and with high adhesive strength elastic adhesive and sealant development. In addition, they also don't contain isocyanate and Tin, so to meet future needs.