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The impact of vinyl resin market

Vinyl resin is internationally recognized as highly corrosion resistant resins.
Standard bisphenol A epoxy vinyl resin is methacrylic acid with bisphenol A epoxy resin synthesized by the reaction of a vinyl resin, soluble in styrene solution.
1 , the double bonds in the molecular chain ends is extremely lively, the vinyl resin can be cured quickly , and soon got use of strength , corrosion-resistant polymer having a high degree.
2, the use of synthetic methacrylate, methyl ester bond side can play a protective role in enhancing the hydrolysis resistance.
3, the resin containing an ester bond is less, per mole ratio of chemical resistance of polyester(bisphenol A- fumarate UPR) 35-50 % less, to improve the alkali resistance.
4, more of the secondary hydroxyl groups can improve the wettability of glass fiber and adhesion, improved mechanical strength of the laminate.
5, since only the ends of the cross-linking molecule. Vinyl resins commonly used brominated flame-retardant synthetic resin, since the resin containing bromine due, so retardant vinyl resin having the same chemical resistance, also can flame-retardan.
High Purity
No water-soluble suspending agents or surfactants are used in the manufacture; therefore, water resistance is outstanding. Additionally, the as-received vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) content of dry vinyl powders is <10 ppb (parts per billion). In formulated coatings, the VCM level is below the detectable limit of 3.2 ppb.
Uniform Polymer Composition and Narrow Molecular Weight Distribution
Provide predictable solution viscosities and batch-to-batch production uniformity.
Low in Gels
Easily dissolved and low in gels and insoluble materials.
All UCAR Solution Vinyl Resins are completely compatible with each other and many different types of resins.
The impact of vinyl resin market
A country FPR industrial level of quality and performance, in a sense, the use of vinyl resin can be used to express the amount. In developed countries, vinyl resin wide range of applications , in addition to our domestic common outside corrosion engineering , and even onyx bathtub vinyl resins are produced , and of course travel so the field. Although in recent years the market of vinyl with extraordinary speed rapid development , however, from more than one million tons of unsaturated resin in terms of the total market volume , the total amount of vinyl resins and applications is still very, very limited, which largely restricted FPR improvement of product performance .
In China, Vinyl resin application is greatly limited, mainly in terms of the relative unsaturated polyester resin; vinyl resin’s price is too high. Due to the current large scale production on several vinyl resins, unsaturated resin ordinary gross margin is generally 300-800 Yuan, while the majority of Maori vinyl resin is basically the number of times or even more. This creates a monopoly of the market has been invisible , making the downstream market only in the non -use is not a situation of helplessness was compelled to choose vinyl resins, vinyl resins thus greatly limiting the expansion of the market .
NANJING SHANGREN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD vinyl resin products can replace DOW SVR series, such as DOW's VAGH, VMCH, VYHH, VYHD resin etc. Mainly used in metal, wood, PET film, plastic, paper, leather, concrete, transparent and colored coatings, and other materials. Our company can produce polymerization and different components vinyl resin with different degree according to customer's requirements.