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Vinyl Resin, UM market situation

UM type vinyl resin is actually forming a thin film by evaporation of the solvent and all of the chloride-acetate copolymer resin, as having good toughness, flexural durability, abrasion resistance, and good water- tightness up.
UM type vinyl resin has good water resistance, excellent resistance to grease, acid, alkali and salt solution properties. Aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons produce different levels of the film swelling, the ability of petroleum solvents such as aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohols.
The main purpose
(1) Binder: UM vinyl resin for PVC, wood, gravel, brick, glass, leather, fiber, paper, etc. have good adhesion.
(2) The strippable coating : UM a resin to metal adhesion, it can be used to prepare metal surfaces peel able protective coating , peel able by adding mineral oil or silicone oil to control .
(3) Varnish: can be used as paper, PVC profiles, etc. varnish.
(4) Concrete and masonry buildings and traffic paint:
UM type resin used alone, can also be vinyl acetate and vinyl chloride fight maleic acid terpolymer resin mix. The paint has a long shelf life, easy to use, dry film fast, excellent abrasion resistance, especially resistance to oil, gasoline, and salt and water features, to ensure long life and against the new system of asphalt and concrete pavement.
(5) Printing and spraying ink: UM type resin is mainly used PVC products and their sub- adhesive color ink.
Vinyl Resin market situation
Brazil Boosts Imports of Vinyl Resin to Meet Demand
SAO PAULO, Brazil, Consumption of vinyl resin in Brazil will increase 10% in 2013 over 2012, surpassing domestic capacities, and necessitating the import of 100,000 tons of resin in 2013, according to a statement by Brazil's Instituto do PVC. 
Total consumption of vinyl resin in Brazil for 2012 had reached 900,000 tons.  Reasons for the increased demand can be attributed to Brazil's prosperous automobile industry, and the increase in "civil construction" such as infrastructure and sanitation projects, with PVC more economical than alternative materials.
Vinyl resin mainly composed of vinyl chloride with vinyl acetate monomer in the role of initiator copolymerized. Vinegar chloride resin, vinyl chloride monomer upstream manufacturing raw materials with vinyl acetate, in this area, an adequate supply of domestic materials, basic processing capacity to meet the growth of vinegar chloride resin preparation requirements.
In the downstream vinyl resin is widely used, there are many advantages. Good solubility of the resin can be dissolved in ketones, esters and other organic solvent or mixture of solvents (insoluble in ethanol, aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents).
Vinyl resin from the current industry development trend, vinegar chloride resin suitable in many areas has not yet been adopted. As the technology matures prepared whole industry began to scale production and wider application direction. Vinyl resin, which makes the whole construction industry chain in the country will gradually become complete, the downstream market demand is also showing expansion trend.