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Copolymer Resin Industry Analysis

Copolymer resin on metal, especially aluminum has excellent adhesion on PVC products, paper, fiber, glass, tiles, sand, wood also has excellent adhesion. Main target markets are the coating , ink , packaging, tapes , adhesives, and other fields.
 Market potential
Copolymer resin needs of rapid development . Copolymer resin coatings, inks, packaging, tapes, adhesives needed for the production of an important class of materials, along with the rapid development of downstream industries, vinegar chloride resin in these increasingly important fields of application. Copolymer resin market has great potential .
Market Forecast
As demand increased, the state of knowledge of the industry copolymer resin and the introduction of new products and technologies, and has a large production project was officially completed. In the next 5-10 years, China's production of copolymer resin and sales will continue to grow rapidly. As mainland China production technology continues to improve, some of the new products have been put into production; sales growth will be further than output growth.
Market competition
The current world production of copolymer resin countries are the United States, Germany, Japan and South Korea, with its yield at 20-25 million tons per year. China in the 1960s began producing vinegar chloride resin, and now there are about six major manufacturers.
 as top copolymer resin supplier, the annual production capacity of the various grades of vinyl resin is up to 15,000 tons. Our vinyl resin products can replace DOW SVR series, such as DOW's VAGH, VMCH, VYHH, VYHD resin etc. Mainly used in metal, wood, PET film, plastic, paper, leather, concrete, transparent and colored coatings, and other materials. Our company can produce polymerization and different components vinyl resin with different degree according to customer's requirements. 
Recent years, with the increase in domestic demand, chlorine vinegar is still a considerable part of the upstream and downstream enterprises need imported from abroad. Copolymer resin major domestic manufacturers to use more raw materials ethylene route, but the scarcity of resources of crude oil, crude oil prices have been high, resulting in higher production costs vinegar chloride resin, upstream and downstream profits low.
Competitive Strategy
1) Copolymer resin advantage of the current shortage of opportunity to expand on the vinegar chloride resin production capacity, improve product performance, and accelerate product upgrading.
 2) The organization of domestic research and development, production and use of chlorine vinegar chloride resin units of study development of resins.
 3) Increase the copolymer resin propaganda of new products from the fields to promote vinegar chloride resin application and development .
 4) Encourage domestic current of copolymer resin production plant, and constantly develop new products, according to its own characteristics, development of products to meet market different grades and different types and a variety of performance requirements.