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Chlorine vinegar resin consumption analysis

Domestic consumption
Synthetic resin such as chlorine vinegar demand for downstream processing industry mainly relies on the rapid development. Before 2008 China's economy has developed rapidly , chlorine vinegar resin downstream industries as well as plastic products, pharmaceutical packaging appliances , toys and rapid development , so the domestic market for chlorine vinegar resin in greater demand, the average annual demand for 50,000 tons or more domestic chlorine vinegar resin in short supply, so most rely on imports . Affected by the financial crisis in 2008-2009, chlorine vinegar resin downstream businesses such as plastic products, electrical appliances, toys exports reduced, so vinegar chloride resin domestic demand slowed.
Consumption abroad
Before 2008, foreign demand for chlorine vinegar resin has maintained steady growth. 2009 by the financial crisis, the U.S. automotive, real estate and other industries have been hit more and more, while spending plummeting, making the market for synthetic resin such as vinegar chlorine demand is also greatly reduced.
Main consumption areas of chlorine vinegar resin
Main areas of domestic consumption
Packaging is the largest area of ​​synthetic resin consumption , vinegar chloride resin adhesive foil for pharmaceutical packaging . In recent years, environmental protection, drug safety has become the trend, vinegar chloride resin in the domestic pharmaceutical packaging field more and more. From the 2010 situation, economic growth will resume, the market demand for packaging growth will be increased. While the domestic chlorine vinegar resins are also more used in printing ink ( screen printing ink, aluminum foil inks, gravure inks , inkjet ) , paint ( metallic paint , plastic paint , chassis paint, wood , vinyl paint, boat primer , UV primer ) peel able coatings, paper coatings , metal coatings, anti-corrosion coatings , canned coatings, coil coatings , container coatings and building materials coating .
Main areas of consumption abroad
Chlorine vinegar resin abroad more extensive areas of consumption, consumption mainly related to packaging, electronic appliances, daily necessities, construction industry. The main purpose is to : appliances, toys, mobile phone plastic shell painting, pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil adhesive coating , PVC composite , steel composite , aluminum composite , heat sealing plastic, metal ( ship ) anti-corrosion coatings, printing ink , paint , etc. peel able coatings, adhesives , etc.
Copolymers of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride monomer with the role of initiator copolymerized, referred vinegar chloride copolymers, also known as vinegar chloride resin, vinyl acetate monomer by gradually adding the copolymer to control the percentage content of vinyl acetate to achieve different performance requirements. Was the first industrialized vinyl chloride copolymer resin, is one of the most important one, accounting for 80% of total output to 90%.
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