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Chlorine vinegar resin market price and its influencing factors

Vinegar chloride resin is a thermoplastic resin containing a carboxyl group, so the metal, especially aluminum metal has superior adhesion, for PVC products, paper, fibers, glass, tile cement, wood, also has excellent adhesiveness.
This product is soluble in ketones such as acetone, Xia ketone, cyclohexanone , isophorone and other solvents , can be dissolved esters such as methyl acetate , ethyl , DOP, DBP , etc.
This product and PVC, epoxy resins, alkyd resins, phenolic resins, acrylic resins, polyester, etc. have excellent miscibility.
This product is non-toxic, odorless, and nonflammable. At room temperature, from acid , alkali, salt, alcohol , oils , esters and other effects , good chemical stability , good water resistance and salt spray
1 , ink type ( screen printing ink, aluminum foil inks, gravure inks , inkjet )
2, paint (metallic paint, plastic paint, chassis paint, wood, vinyl paint, boat primer, UV primer)
3 , strippable coatings, paper coatings , metal coatings, anti-corrosion coatings , canned coatings, coil coatings , container coatings and coating building materials
4 , binders ( used in PVC pipe and composite packaging vinyl binder ), sealing glue , tape adhesive .
Chlorine vinegar resin market price and its influencing factors
This year, vinegar chloride resin domestic product price of about 25,000 Yuan / ton. As domestic chlorine.
Vinegar resin started late , at present , only a few produce low-end products sink . Chlorine vinegar resin due to the unique molecular structure, with good toughness, flexural resistance, abrasion resistance, water-swell able and good chemical resistance. Chlorine vinegar resin coatings, inks , packaging , tapes , adhesives needed for the production of an important class of materials . Expansion of market demand, production and quality, there has been no great improvement, so the price is high.
Chlorine vinegar resin price changes can be quantified by the relevant data as well as macro- micro environment impact of environmental data , specifically summarized in the following three factors:
1, the impact of changes in national macroeconomic
Affect the price of the most fundamental factor is supply and demand, can take advantage of the price elasticity of demand adjustment of supply and demand , so supply and demand become the dominant factor in this is a basic factor in price movements . The factors by the country's current macroeconomic situation analysis to understand the consumer price index , producer price index, and the purchasing managers' index trends in macroeconomic data.
2, the impact of the upstream raw material prices
Upstream is the production of vinegar chloride resin material directly on the road , the cost of the product has a direct impact on nature .
 3, homogenization of the product sales impact
Homogenization of product sales trends are a barometer of changes in product prices . Adequately reflecting strong sales prices, slow-moving trend of falling prices.