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The market of VYHD resin

VYHD resin is a physically drying formula film after evaporation of the solvent contained in the binder. Vinyl chloride copolymers with all the same performance , VYHD with high stability , abrasion resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance , flame resistance, good solubility , technology , can be deployed , physical security, and permanently flexible sex . Its odorless and tasteless film, low swelling in water and low gas permeability.
VYHD resin has good adhesion to substrates , especially PVC, in the preparation of screen printing inks , gravure inks and coating ink , VYHD are preferred bonding material , the ink in the coating are mainly used increase in the adsorption on the substrate printing results , such as paper and cardboard . Can also improve its water resistance, oil resistance, alcohol resistance and abrasion resistance. VYHD vinyl resins are widely used in paint , screen printing ink, plastic film coatings , paper, printing inks, anti-corrosion coatings , PVC toys decorative paints , universal coating polishing nails coatings, adhesives , varnishes , household appliances and UV primer coating release coating .
Chemical resistance:
As VYHD formed of a resin film has an extremely excellent water resistance , salt water , oil, grease resistance , resistance to acid , heat water resistance, alcohol, alkalis and salt ; Aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents have different degrees of swelling , VYHD resin resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent ( such as mineral oil ) , and alcohol-resistant ability of the solvent . Solubility: ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons are the most commonly used solvents VYHD resin. Ketones are a very good solvent. Its dissolution as esters , ketones, chlorinated hydrocarbons can be a good solution VYHD, such as dichloromethane and dichloroethane 1-2 . However trichloroethane and tetrachloroethane can only swell .
The market of VYHD resin& Chlorine vinegar resin
As demand increased, the state of knowledge of the industry Chlorine vinegar resin and the introduction of new products and technologies, and has a large production project was officially completed. In the next 5-10 years, China's production of vinegar chloride resin and sales will continue to grow rapidly. As mainland China production technology continues to improve, some of the new products have been put into production; sales growth will be further than output growth.
Chlorine vinegar resin material is polyvinyl chloride. This year, as crude oil prices led to ethylene prices, rose in early Asian PVC prices by 7.6 %, reaching 900 to 940 U.S. dollars / ton. This trend will continue to rise. Although China has the world's largest PVC production capacity , but because ethylene prices fell , in 2009 set a new record imports of ethylene chloride , on the other hand , China PVC market is always in a low operating rate state.
First half of 2009, China imported about 1.2 million tons of PVC, compared with imports in the year 2008 more than 1 million tons. PVC prices rising vinegar chloride resin will increase the cost . Meanwhile, the entry of foreign chloride resin vinegar vinegar chloride resin of increasing competition, which will lead to domestic vinegar chloride resin prices. From this, the next few years, vinegar chloride resin level of profitability is bound to be affected.
XINGYI JIATAI CHEMICAL CO.LTD produces UM50 Equivalent to VYHD,Our vinyl resin products can replace DOW SVR series, such as DOW's VAGH, VMCH, VYHH, VYHD resin etc. Mainly used in metal, wood, PET film, plastic, paper, leather, concrete, transparent and colored coatings, and other materials. Thanks for all domestic and overseas customers for your support.