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Vinegar chloride copolymer resin's paint application and its process

Vinegar chloride copolymer resin's solubility is better than the paint vinyl chloride resin, can prepare the solvent-based coatings, resin plasticizer, the coating has a good flexibility and adhesion, its weather resisting property is superior to vinyl chloride resin, the protective properties of perchlorethylene is quite the similar as vinyl resin's. The vinegar chloride copolymer acid resin can be used as acid and alkali chemical corrosion coatings, has the resistance property of atmospheric corrosion, has resistance to salt spray, to moisture and underwater bilge anti-corrosion coatings. This kind of paint primer, topcoats and varnishes all need to be painted 2-3 times, the two recoating intervals is about 24h, phosphate primer, the phosphate primer is prepared by polyvinyl butyral, basic zinc chromate pigments, phosphate acid and alkyd solvent. This coating is appropriate to be coated slightly, improve the adhesion of the coating, during the process of molding, the crosslinking reflect between chromate passivation and their resin greatly enhances the adhesion of subsequent coatings to the wood and also with a certain of anti-rust properties. Thus it is also called shop primer, for slight stainless steel's surface, phosphate acid in the coating plays the role of acid dissolution and transformation.