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Computerized control system came into action

Through joint development of polymerization computerized control system with domestic famous universities, the system was formally put into production since May of 2010. For several months, the system running smoothly, cooperating with our manual control system well, greatly improved the quality of our products and production safety. In the process of production, the computerized control system can be positive in controlling the temperature, and effectively eliminate the error of the temperature within 0.1 degrees.
Meantime, the system can effectively avoid the error record, large temperature deviation, too wide molecular weight distribution caused by artificial reason. This control system can effectively improve the product's performance, transparency, solubility and fineness, fully guarantee the consistency and stability of each batch products. In addition, because of the coexistence of computerized and manual control system, in emergency situations the control system can be in interconversion quickly, thus improving the production safety.