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What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is the most versatile plastic on the market today. Pure vinyl is more than half chlorine, which comes from common, plentiful salt. Chlorine is combined with ethylene, which is produced by “cracking” natural gas (distilling it with heat), to produce ethylene dichloride, which is then turned into vinyl chloride monomer, a gas. This gas is converted into a polymer - which is a chain of molecules - and the result is polyvinyl chloride resin, a fine white powder.
Depending on the ingredients mixed with the vinyl resin, a compound is formed that can be made rigid or flexible or even semi-liquid, clear or colorful, brick thick or film thin. Vinyl is equally at home in pipe, window frames, siding, flooring, wall covering, carpet backing, wire jacketing, roofing, toys, auto parts, electronics and a myriad other products.
Vinyl products are known for their durability, resistance to corrosion, thermal efficiency, color retention, ease of cleaning, safety and other benefits, including recyclability.
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