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The market of copolymer resin

Copolymer resin is a high molecular weight copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate. It is supplied as a powder. including UMOH Vinyl Resin,UM50 Vinyl Resin,UMCH Vinyl Resin and so on.
1, color ink : With the pvc product usage is increasing, for the printing pvc and colored ink products, demand is also increasing , according to statistics vinegar chloride copolymer resin products in the amount of ink over 60% of total amount
2, Tape Adhesives: containing carboxyl group or a chlorine -containing vinegar through terpolymer resin powder has good dispersion, good liquidity and processed products , good dimensional stability ( high simulation fidelity ) it prepared tapes, tapes , magnetic cards and other high-tech equipment products , good quality.
3, plastic floor : Chlorine vinegar copolymer resin production floor tiles with low melt viscosity , good flexibility, ideal flexural strength and a certain degree of chemical resistance , can accept a lot of filler
4, Leather brightener: vinegar chlorine -containing copolymer resin is dissolved in a solvent cyclohexanone, as a leather treatment, both to protect the leather effect, but also make the leather shiny
5, coating: vinegar chloride copolymer resin as unique excellent performance can be used with different specifications, different properties and uses of paint. Such as rust, shipbuilding paint, fire retardant paint, car paint , etc. These paints have excellent weather resistance, salt water and chemical resistance, and resistance to oil, alcohols and other solvents performance.
The market of copolymer resinRecent domestic copolymer resin little change in the overall market supply and demand fundamentals , the current demand, previous price spikes at the same time constantly , appropriate stocking downstream firms also face more intense resentment current high prices , turnover is also increasingly go short , copolymer resin prices should return to rational consolidation or moderately reasonable callback. But at the cost, futures , driven by market trends seem somewhat from the fundamentals . Currently copolymer resin producers to maintain high quotes refused to relax, brokers offer continuous follow up , due to the good expectations of future economic market there is an atmosphere of speculation , supported by funds futures market innovative high . Positive support so bad, short-term copolymer resin market prices were still running high.NANJING SHANGREN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO.LTDas Top copolymer resin supplier, established in 1984, it has over 40 years of history.Through self-development as well as cooperate with other major institutions, we obtained advanced technology. Using advanced production technology and scientific management methods, we have a complete set of quality assurance system, passed the ISO9001: 2000 in 2003. We never bring loss to customers since we founded more than thirty years, and our quality has always been maintained stable.
Our vinyl resin products can replace DOW SVR series, such asPVC Resin SG-3 , Formosa PVC , Vinyl Resin LC ,Vinyl Resin LCM etc. Mainly used in metal, wood, PET film, plastic, paper, leather, concrete, transparent and colored coatings, and other materials. Our company can produce polymerization and different components vinyl resin with different degree according to customer's requirements. With best quality, reasonable price and excellent service, our company would like to create brilliant achievement together with customers and agents. Thanks for all domestic and overseas customers for your support.