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Terpolymer resin production technology & market conditions

Copolymers of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride with vinyl acetate in the role of initiator copolymerized, referred to Chlorine vinegar resin .Terpolymer resin is made by changing the chlorine vinegar comonomer component and mixed with other synthetic resins modified in two ways to get the fight.
1, the polymerization process to produce a solvent, was completely dissolved in an organic solvent such as ketones , esters, the solubility is very good.
2, has a vinyl high toughness and corrosion resistance as well as the strong adhesive vinyl acetate and plasticity.
3, the resin coating tasteless, odorless and transparent.
4, high chemical stability, free from acids and alkalis.
5, not natural and does not support combustion.
6, the thermoplastic resin coating makes it easy to seal. Hydroxyl group-modified resin can have quick drying properties.
7, compatibility with other coating resins such as urea-formaldehyde resin, melamine resin, polyurethane and compatibility.
8, the organic pigments and inorganic pigments such as azo dyes have excellent dispersion, enhanced silver arrangement.
9, resins such as those containing hydroxyl and carboxyl groups may be due to its characteristics such as isocyanate cross linking agent with the role of improvements. Hydroxyl functional groups of the resin and a thermosetting resin can be cross linked to obtain superior chemical resistance (alcohol resistance) and water resistance.
Terpolymer resin production technology & market conditions
Production technology
Domestic manufacturers Terpolymer resin and imported Terpolymer resin compared to solubility, transparency, compatibility with other materials, molecular weight distribution uniformity and impurity content, etc. There are a large gap , especially in the domestic terpolymer resin production and research was in its infancy, the yield and quality are at a low level , thus affecting the use of domestic Terpolymer resin , some high-end ink, leather treatment agent, advanced magnetic recording materials and packing containers inner coating , have had to imported resin production .
Therefore, the proposed suspension polymerization domestic manufacturers to improve production technology, improve the quality of chlorine Terpolymer resin, accelerate the development of a solvent or an alcohol solution Terpolymer resin production research, and vigorously promote the development of production of Terpolymer resin.
Supply and demand of foreign Terpolymer resin
Expected the next few years, the world Terpolymer resin demand will remain 5% to 6 % annual growth rate, which the United States and Western Europe is 3% to 4%, Japanese demand remained stable, developing countries in Asia and Latin America and region will be the world Terpolymer resin strongest regional market demand growth in these regions Terpolymer resin demand will reach an annual growth rate of 7% to 9%.
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