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Foreign vinyl resin market conditions

Vinyl resin is a thermosetting liquid resin with excellent mechanical properties of epoxy resins and unsaturated polyester, easy processing, fast curing and other characteristics; and the acid on the performance is far superior to the general unsaturated epoxy polyester resins; because vinyl resin with high strength and fatigue resistance, making the vinyl resin can be widely used in flooring, pipe fittings, marine, automotive and hoppers lined with corrosion.
Domestic vinyl resin to begin production in the late 1970s , but due to higher product prices , outreach enough other reasons , since production is still small, promote the application is still not ideal. Nanjing ShangRen Chemical Industrial Co.Ltd began producing vinyl acetate copolymer in 1984, as an epoxy resin manufacturers , with epoxy resin as raw material for further development and production of vinyl acetate copolymer , to reduce costs , thereby reducing the sales price to suit market has obvious advantages .
1, FRP products and lining
Vinyl acetate copolymer commonly used in high temperature requirements, strong corrosion conditions of FRP products, such as the production of large glass tanks, tankers, towers, pipes, fans and so on. To be anti- corrosion steel container, concrete ducts are also commonly used to make vinyl acetate copolymer fiberglass liner.
2, resin cements, mortars
Vinyl acetate copolymer prepared with clay mortar can be used for corrosion resistant lining brick panels , paving , pointing , can also be used for corrosion-resistant resin sand and so the overall ground.
3, light-cured coatings
  This feature is made use of light- curable vinyl coating save energy, greatly improving production efficiency and has good application prospect.
4, Flake Coating
   With a vinyl ester resin and glass flake, etc. made of flake paint, can be used for equipment lined steel containers are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, papermaking, electroplating, chlor-alkali, medicine, food, construction and other industries.
Foreign vinyl resin market conditions
Foreign vinyl resin product quality is generally better, mainly in the following aspects: 1 , resin light color, colorless, transparent liquid resin , solid resin is pure white ; 2 , epoxy equivalent variation amplitude is small ; 3, molecular weight is relatively concentrated ; 4 , volatile low impurity content ; 5 , hydrolysis rate , and the Na content is low. What’s more, in terms of new product development, multinational corporations based on changes in market demand, timely changes in production strategies.
In the vinyl resin consumption structure, the United States and Western Europe, the largest amount in the coatings field , were 50% ; Japan Electronics and Electrical consumption accounted for the first , second coatings accounted for about 40%. At present, foreign automotive vinyl resin coating annual growth rate of 10 percent. With the automobile and related industries the rapid development in the future on the vinyl resin coatings and adhesives demand will have a new breakthrough.
Vinyl resin application developed mature technology; wide range of applications, including high-grade vinyl resin coating on the demand exceeds half of total demand.
Vinyl ester resin market is a steadily growing market, because of its superior performance unsaturated polyester resins, but the price is higher than the unsaturated polyester resin.