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The development of vinyl resin in coatings industry

Vinyl resin is internationally recognized as highly corrosion resistant resins. This type of resin has the following characteristics:
1 , the double bonds in the molecular chain ends is extremely lively, so vinyl resin can be cured quickly , quickly use strength , corrosion-resistant polymer having a high degree ;
 2, the use of synthetic methacrylate, methyl ester bond side can play a protective role in enhancing the hydrolysis resistance;
 3, the resin containing an ester bond is less, per mole ratio of chemical resistance of polyester (bisphenol A- fumarate UPR) 35-50 % less, to improve the alkali resistance;
 4, more of the secondary hydroxyl groups can improve the wettability of glass fiber and adhesion, improved mechanical strength of the laminate;
 5, since only the ends of the cross-linking molecule.
Vinyl resin as a heavy anti-corrosion coating matrix resin, one of the Europe, America and Japan and other countries has been successful applications. Nearly 20 years of the application process, the application areas are related to the petroleum, petrochemical, municipal, marine, and shipbuilding, chemical, many projects achieved good application effect. At present, anti-corrosion coatings almost all of the matrix resin is an epoxy resin, epoxy resin month to mechanical properties, excellent alkali resistance performance comparison. However, acid resistance, solvent resistance, particularly resistance to corrosion in high temperature conditions are relatively poor , resulting in the application process the following occurs : ( 1) coating adhesion Low ( 2 ) film swelling ; ( 3 ) coated with primer shout low intensity ; ( 4 ) coating anti-media penetration is poor, serious corrosion under the membrane .
Vinyl resin is made from methacrylate -modified epoxy resin, epoxy resin both excellent mechanical properties and good workability unsaturated resin while relatively unsaturated resins have excellent vinyl resin is a modified epoxy resin, an epoxy resin with virtually all of the features, while greatly improving the heat resistance of the resin, corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, workability, especially the heat resistance of medium conditions.
The glass flake coating which is made of vinyl resin and glass flake, using special layered arrangement of ideas from glass flake structure ,can greatly improve the coatings and corrosion ; through the glass flake coating after curing performance analysis, can know the vinyl resin glass flake coating with very good heat resistance, impact resistance and weathering resistance ;
Vinyl resin after adding special material can satisfy the special requirements of different areas such as conductivity, heat insulation, etc.
Vinyl resin supplier----Xinyi jia Tai chemical co., LTD located in China. At present, in order to adapt to the requirements of new products, new markets and new technology, the company becomes a professional manufacturer of PVC special resin. Product varieties, quality and quantity are ahead of the same industry in China. 
 The existing products and scale in the company include: 20000 tons of vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate copolymerization resin/year, 20000 tons of high polymerization degree PVC resin 2500 / year, 10000 tons of cross linked PVC resin suspension method/year, 30000 tons of type 7 (8) resin/year.